My Chiropractic experience at EHS began after experiencing a recent fall. About 3-4 weeks after my fall I started to notice number of strange things happening to me. There was a gradual decline in my energy, strength in my legs, my lower back began to hurt when I was on my feet or walked for awhile.  My neck was stiff with limited mobility turning left or right.  My balance was off, and I noticed I was not walking in a straight line.  Something was definitely wrong with my body.

I was referred to EHS through my physical therapist and I started treatment.

The Chiropractic Care that I have been receiving has greatly reduced the intensity and frequency of my pain. Most days are pain free, and when it does flair up, I can usually associate it with something I should not have done.  To protect my vulnerable areas, I am changing the way I do some things.  There has been improvement in my energy, level of activity in general, my balance, and I can turn my neck further in each direction.  I am confident that, with Dr. Andrea’s adjustments, I will soon return to my normal activities.

The chiropractic care has definitely helped a lot and I continue to get better.

My experience with EHS is that the office is informal. The staff is welcoming, helpful, and patient.  There is no shaming, just encouragement. And there is laughter!  I’ve had experience with a number of chiropractors over the years, and Dr. Andrea is outstanding (very skilled both assessing the problems and treating them). She listens, answers questions, gives good advice and most of all, she knows how to “fix” your problems.

I would be very comfortable recommending EHS to anyone, friend or stranger.

I’m just grateful that when I asked about a good chiropractor, I was referred to EHS.




Edith M.