Our patients respond phenomenally to chiropractic and are excited to tell their stories, here are a few...                                                                           


            I recently started going to Easton Health Solutions Chiropractic Center as I was experiencing lower back pain for several years, and it was getting worse. It hurt just getting out of bed in the morning. My daughter, who has also received Chiropractic treatment, convinced me that it is not normal to have that type of pain all the time.

            My passion is golf, and I thought the pain was a result of years of playing golf. Since I started Chiropractic treatment, my pain is completely gone most of the time, and when I do have any it is barely noticeable. Most of the time I have very little to no pain and my flexibility has improved.

            My experience with Dr. Andrea and EHS has been amazing. In addition to the treatment I receive in her office, she has shown me exercises that I can do at home to help maintain the progress I have made.

            I would like to tell others that when you are experiencing pain that does not go away, have it checked. There is no reason to keep feeling like that. Also, aging does not have to be painful if a person is proactive in finding out the cause of the pain and then getting help for it.

            I am a very active person and am enjoying my activities so much more now that I am not in pain. I plan on making this part of my ongoing health regimen in order to be pain free and to continue doing the things I love to do.

                                                                                                                                        Karen D.


          I had experienced lower back pain for more than three decades. The time had come to do something about it. My daughter Jennifer and her husband Steve suggested that I try Chiropractic care before I sought help from an orthopedic specialist. I contacted Easton Health Solutions Chiropractic Center and set up an initial appointment. After an assessment of my condition Dr. Todd and Dr. Andrea set me up for a series of adjustments. In a matter of a few weeks I noticed an infinite improvement of my overall health. During my daily exercise routine I noticed that my stamina had improved. I was feeling much better both physically and mentally.

          I learned so much about what the real purpose of the spinal column is and how it contributes to our overall health. My only regret is that I did not discover Chiropractic care 30 years ago. Since my journey began with chiropractic care I remain an advocate of it and tell everyone the countless benefits I am experiencing. Thank You EHS!

                                                                   Gerry G.


            At the end of September, I arrived at Roan Chiropractic in acute neck pain and I had trouble catching my breath from the pain. My 3 year old son had given me a “running hug” that landed squarely on the front of my throat. After several days of pain, my friend, April, a current patient of Roan Chiropractic, told me at Dr. Andrea.  

            When I arrived for my appointment I was quite nervous, but Abby’s welcoming nature helped me feel I was in the right place. Dr. Andrea assessed the situation, sent me for x-rays and fit me into the schedule that same afternoon because she knew I was in pain.

            For months prior to my visit, my Naturopathic Doctor kept suggesting I try a Chiropractor. When I hurt my neck, she firmly told me that I need to go immediately to the chiropractor to get immediate relief. Luckily, April referred me here because it is nerve-racking to choose someone to trust your spine too.  

            From the beginning, Dr. Andrea was extremely understanding about my worry and worked on my immediate neck issue in such as way as to provide relief and not make me uncomfortable with the process.  After Dr. Andrea corrected the immediate pain, she mapped out a plan to work on some of my underlying back and hip issues that I have endured for many years.

            I am very glad that I found Roan Chiropractic and that I am under Dr. Andrea’s care. My neck has been great! My hips and back feel better every day, as I notice my range of motion has increased over a relatively short period of time – 1 month! My 6 year old son is coming in for an evaluation in a few weeks, and then the 3 year old son!

            Everyone at Roan Chiropractic makes you feel welcomed and that you are in good hands. Even if you are hesitant, you really need to come and feel the results; you will be amazed! Thank you everyone at Roan Chiropractic!

                                                                                    Jacqueline G.


Thank you Roan Family Chiropractic for honoring me with the title of ‘Patient of the Month’ and giving me a soapbox to tell others about my experience with chiropractic care…and how great I think you all are!  (You really should hand out a crown and sash each month, I’d wear mine with pride!) 

            As for some history, my husband and I have been under chiropractic care for over 19 years now.  In that time, we have lived in many areas and therefore have been treated by several chiropractors.  We have really only seen medical doctors for yearly check-ups and I attribute chiropractic, alongside healthy diet and exercise, with maintaining our good health throughout these years.

            Looking back, I also see how chiropractic care has helped in many other areas of my life.  It opened my eyes to a more holistic approach to wellness and just a better way of living in general.  I know I would have never considered natural childbirth nor question every single vaccine that my child was faced with.  We started our children on regular adjustments days after their birth and they have always been the healthiest ones compared to friends’ children who don’t get adjusted.  I am so incredibly thankful that I have not had to deal with ear infections, stomach problems, or things like sleeping issues.  I’m convinced chiropractic has played a huge part in keeping them healthy and I know it has helped all of us stave off numerous colds and infections.

            We moved to Easton 4 months ago and one of the first things on my ‘to-do’ list was to find a chiropractor.  I was so thankful to find a chiropractic ‘home’ on my very first visit to Roan Family Chiropractic.  Abby welcomed me with the brightest sincere smile and I knew immediately it was going to be a good experience.  I met with Dr. Andrea and Dr. Todd, who were not only professional, but both very personable and friendly and I knew then that I was in good hands.  We went through the initial consultation and x-rays and Dr. Todd took on the difficult task of my continued care.  I’m not the easiest patient as I have quite a difficult-to-adjust neck and I knew that if he could adjust me comfortably, I found the right place.  He has worked with me regularly since I first arrived and I have to say, with great joy, that his adjustments are definitely the best I have received in my 19 years of chiropractic care.  He doesn’t give up when others have.  I leave Roan feeling like a million bucks!  Thanks so much for providing a cozy place to come and continue my family’s journey in wellness. 

            With many thanks and best wishes for a healthy, happy, and prosperous new year,

                                                                                                                        Janis Enciso ~ and family!

* A special thank you to Abby for keeping a sharp eye on my girls during my appointments, and for your incredible patience with them!!


          I have had neck and back problems for years. I always blamed it on the fact that I grew up doing hard manual labor as a sternman on a lobster boat in Maine, as well as other things. I just accepted it and tried to deal with it over the years. Chronic neck and back pain was a part of my life, and always would be. Or so I thought.
          I was holding my neck one day because it hurt to turn my head and my friend and neighbor, Ken Robbins, asked me what was wrong. I told him it was just my weekly stiff neck. Nothing new. He told me I should try out his chiropractor not far from our house because they've been helping him and his family out for years. I didn't even think twice about it and made an appointment for the next day.
          Abby greeted me with her beautiful smile and warm heart and made me feel comfortable immediately. Dr. Andrea checked me out and thought I would definitely benefit from chiropractic, and upon my next visit the healing began.
          Since that day I no longer wake up with a stiff neck, my pain is getting better with each visit, and because of that my daily life has improved drastically. I'm so glad that I came to Roan Family Chiropractic. Thank you for making my life better.                                                                                     

Tayler P.


     I am only 9 years old but I wish that I had discovered chiropractic sooner in my life.  Learning about chiropractic care has helped me eat better.  Also, since I began getting adjusted and receiving care in this office, I have learned to treat my bones better too.  I would like to tell others that chiropractic actually helps and it almost changes your life.  Chiropractic care is awesome!

                                        -Noah J.


       From the moment of my first meeting with Andrea – a consultation and review – I felt completely at ease and relieved that someone was taking the pain I was experiencing seriously.  She quickly identified issues that I had always thought were issues, but had never had validated by a medical professional.  Dr. Andrea is so trustworthy and patient that she’s incredibly easy to talk to and she makes every session as comfortable as possible and appointments are something I look forward to!  All of the Doctors and staff (Hi Abby!) are gracious with their time and the pleasure they take in their work is obvious.

       I have been coming to Dr. Andrea now for several months.  The pain I was experiencing in my arms is gone and my shoulder discomfort has been radically reduced.  In addition I can feel a difference in posture and in lower back pain – and I’m certainly more aware of the times when I’m sitting or moving in a way that is not beneficial to my body.

       I highly recommend Dr. Andrea and Roan Family Chiropractic to any first-timer or to anyone looking to receive chiropractic care.  It has been a great experience for me and I think it will be a great experience for you.

Thank you!

Whitney H.



           About a month ago, I looked into chiropractic care because my lower back had chronically hurt for the last year and something had to give!  I have known Dr. Andrea since high school, however I never realized that she was a chiropractor!  When I found out, I knew I could feel safe and comfortable trying chiropractic.   

           My health has greatly improved since being adjusted by Dr. Andrea.  I no longer have the constant pain in my lower back and I’m more comfortable standing at work – even in cute heels!  Has chiropractic care helped me? Does a bear live in the woods? YES!

            Since receiving care in this office, I am certainly more aware of my posture as well as learning to let go of stress and being aware of my new relaxed state.  I want to tell others who have not been adjusted that you will never know how great you will feel until you try it!  Do I wish that I had discovered chiropractic sooner in my life?  Yes, yes and yes!  I spent a year in agony and I could have felt this good! Insanity!

Jessica C.



      I initially started chiropractic care because I suffered with headaches, numbness in my wrists and arm, cramping in my calves and feet, muscle spasms when sitting or exercising, scoliosis in my lower back, discomfort in my hips when sitting or sleeping for long period of time, and poor posture from my job at a computer.

      Chiropractic care has helped me immensely.  Since starting chiropractic care with Dr. Andrea, I have had NO PAIN in my back or hips what so ever and no spasms, or discomfort of any kind. I have an overall sense of relaxation, am less irritable and able to tolerate sitting at job for long periods of time. I’m walking differently, feeling balanced, posture has improved, and more aware of how my body is feeling!

      Before starting chiropractic care, I had become accustomed to experiencing migraines several times a month, and wanted to avoid medication.  Since starting getting adjusted about 2 months ago, I have fewer migraines and more energy and enthusiasm to exercise knowing it can be done without pain.

      In this office, I have learned that there are physicians who truly care about you and your wellbeing. I’m able to detect what may cause discomfort and am taking steps to avoid those triggers. I am also more focused now on preventative health measures and holistic options.

      I wish that chiropractic care was an option for me when I was first tested for scoliosis in junior high. I remember my principal from elementary school had to wear a brace while in her fifties and I always feared that was where I was headed. I thought it could be avoided by doing yoga and exercising, which actually could have made things worse for me. Since seeking care with Dr. Andrea, all of that fear has diminished.

      As patient of the month at Roan Family Chiropractic, I want to tell others that it’s never too late to make positive changes for yourself, and the time is now!

-Ashley S.